Release Date: March 2, 2023

Ramsay thought coming to Lucitopia would be a dream come true. He said the spell with the intent of becoming a great mage, like Gandalf or Merlin, only to end up finding himself the apprentice to Asphodel the Evil Sorcerer, being tortured on a daily basis. Luckily, his time is almost up. All Ramsay has to do now to get back home is kill Asphodel. The only question is how.

The answer to that he discovers locked up in the iron maiden across from him in the form of the ogre Fitspur, who tells Ramsay about Calx, the legendary sword in the stone, the only weapon that can kill Asphodel. But retrieving the sword, which is currently located on the island of Avalon, requires an elf’s help. So, Ramsay and Fitspur join forces with Isfin, the Elf Queen, who is intent on reclaiming her lost island and releasing it from Asphodel’s curse.

But Asphodel has other plans for Isfin, because buried deep in her blood lies the answer to his past, which he needs in order to escape from Lucitopia. So, Ramsay finds himself in a race both against time, and through it, in order to defeat Asphodel, and save the woman he loves.

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