Release Date: March 2, 2023

Ramsay wants to kill his boss.

Unfortunately for him, his boss is Asphodel the Evil Sorcerer, and apparently immortal. Ramsay said the spell to come to Lucitopia with the intent of becoming a great mage, like Gandalf or Merlin, only to end up finding himself in the worst internship ever, tortured on a daily basis.

His time is almost up, and Ramsay has to kill Asphodel in order to get back home. The question is how.

An Elf, an Ogre and a sword in a stone hold the answer. But retrieving Calx, which is currently located on the island of Avalon, will require Ramsay to perform real magic, and travel through time.

But time travel always creates a paradox, leaving Ramsay to wonder if he’ll ever make it out of Lucitopia, or end up trapped in the story he’s in, doomed to languish in the author’s unfinished works known as the Burn Files.

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