The Tinker’s Daughter

Release Date: December 17, 2024

A delightful cozy fantasy read about magic, courage, and the power of an unlikely alliance. Perfect for fans of Olivia Atwater and Travis Baldree.

Jonara had been a good girl her entire life, and that’s what nearly gets her killed. Being the only virgin for miles made her the perfect candidate for a sacrifice to the village dragon. But lucky for Jonara, this dragon is different, off virgins entirely, opting for a pescatarian diet instead.

Being the resourceful young woman that she is, Jonara uses the opportunity to enlist the dragon’s help in her quest to defeat Asphodel, an evil sorcerer who has decimated town after town in his march south to claim the throne vacated by the newly dead king.

With the help of her dragon, Jonara gathers an army against Asphodel and his dark forces. But this dragon has a secret, one which holds the key to their success. And like with most things in Lucitopia, it also comes at a price, one which Jonara may be unwilling to pay.

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