Sungrazer Publishing is my own personal imprint which I started with my husband, Alberto Leon, a screenwriter with several produced credits under his belt. We are distributed by Two Rivers, an Ingram Content Group brand, one of the largest suppliers of books in North America. 

Why start my own imprint? Because the traditional model of publishing has shifted, demanding authors to take on a more active role in promoting and selling their own books. An author’s role now extends beyond writing to encompass marketing, social media presence, and engagement with readers.

My imprint’s goal is not only to discover emerging writers, but to provide guidance to our authors in navigating the intricacies of self-promotion, book marketing, and building an author platform. Through mentorship, collaboration, and guidance, we aspire to empower both established and debut authors, enabling them to flourish in a crowded marketplace and reach their full potential.

Sungrazer accepts both fiction and nonfiction book proposal submissions from authors with or without a literary agent.

Visit us at SUNGRAZERPUBLISHING.COM for more information.