What She Found in the Woods

Release Date: December 1, 2020

This is Magda’s last chance. Recovering from a scandal at her elite New York City private school that threw life into a tailspin, she’s shipped off to live with her grandparents in the Pacific Northwest for the summer.

Medicated and uninspired, Magda spends her days in a fog wandering the forest behind the house. But then she stumbles upon Bo. He’s wild and unlike any boy Magda’s ever met before. He can see the real her. Magda starts believing she might be able to move on from her past and feel something again.

But there’s more to this sleepy town than she thought. And what Magda finds in the woods near Bo’s forest home is the beginning of a whole new nightmare…


"Angelini’s sometimes-gruesome mystery turned thriller teems with heart-pounding action and suspense… a riveting portrait of an unreliable and cunning narrator." Publisher’s Weekly

"A fascinating, mind-bending thrill ride." Booklist

"A thoughtful, engaging YA thriller that touches upon mental health, social issues, and how words are used to manipulate reality." School Library Journal

"A tense, no-holds-barred, page-turner." Kirkus Reviews