Snow Lane

Release Date: January 2, 2018

By turns harrowing and heartbreaking, this middle-grade novel tells a story of a family of nine kids and one very dark secret.

Fifth grader Annie is just like every other girl in her small suburban town. Except she’s starting to realize that she isn’t.

Annie is the youngest of nine children. Instead of being condemned to the bottom of the pecking order, she wants to carve out place for herself in the world. But it’s hard to find your destiny when the only thing you’re good at is being cheerful. Annie is learning that it’s difficult to be Annie, period, and not just because her clothes are worn-out hand-me-downs, and she suffers from a crippling case of dyslexia, but also because there are secrets in her life no one in her family is willing to face.

In Snow Lane, Josie Angelini presents a story about a resilient girl who, in spite of many hardships, can still find light in the darkest of places.


"Annie’s loyal, caring nature; her naiveté; her struggle with dyslexia; and her eagerness to do the right thing are heartwarmingly and sympathetically portrayed. In her first novel for younger readers, Angelini paints a painfully vivid portrait of a dysfunctional family in need of outside help." The Horn Book

" Annie’s narration is chatty and ingenuous." BCCB

""Worldwalker" series author Angelini channels her own experience growing up with seven siblings into 10-year-old Annie Bianchi’s spunky but poignant fictional narrative... Candid, self-deprecating, and forgiving, Annie is a likable and upbeat heroine. Her compelling story sheds light on the pervasive impact of child abuse, the varying responses of children, and the complex ties that bind families in turmoil."  School Library Journal

"In small yet pervasive moments, readers bear witness to the deep dysfunction and undercurrents of abuse in Annie’s home. Annie’s narrative is engaging and believable; her frequent cursing (and resulting Hail Marys) suit her situation. Angelini brings the 1980s to life, particularly as Annie and her classmates watch the launch of Challenger." Booklist

"Snow Lane is a hard hitting, masterfully written tale about a family....a family in trouble. But even in the darkness, there are bright spots. Annie is definitely a bright spot. She chooses to find the good in all things.....and that attitude and the promise of the life ahead of her is what leaves hope at the end of this tale." My Interdimensional Chaos Blog (read the full review)

"Boy, Annie is an inspiration! She really is doggedly optimistic, but not in a Pollyanna-ish way... She's so endearing and sweet and funny, that I just wanted to swoop right into the book and hug her (if not foster her.)..." Caroline Bookbinder (read the full review)

"This isn’t exactly a Christmas story but in a way it was. This family had days...perhaps weeks even...when the parents never saw their children. Birthdays were forgotten. Some siblings were kind while others were incredibly mean. Antoinette struggled but also protected her family. I loved this book. Readers who can appreciate a happy/sad/hopeful kind of book during these holidays...should love this book. I laughed. I cried. I wanted to hug Antoinette and give her a big cream filled donut!" Books, Thoughts and Adventures Blog (read the full review)

"I am going to take this opportunity to argue that it distinguishes the book from others because of its realistic use of language and portrayal of trauma, when so many other books are sanitized to “protect” children from darker themes and language. This is a small book but it is powerful and deserves strong consideration." Heavy Medal Mock Newbery Blog (read the full review)