Over the years, I’ve had many readers approach me asking for writing advice, either wanting to know how to get started, how to get their books ready for market, or just looking for advice on what it takes to get their books published.

I try to answer those questions as best as I can, but unfortunately, I find that most of these questions are too complex for a one-size-fits-all bit of advice that I can stuff into the comment section of my social media. Especially for those of you who want specific advice on something you’ve written. That takes a lot of time and thought to get right. But I still want to help.

So, I have decided to make myself available to those looking for guidance or another set of eyes on their written work to get them going in the right direction.

The 1-on-1 hour-long sessions over Zoom will be open to a wide range of topics. Whether it’s about the crafting of characters and plotting, or questions about publishing, literary agents, and book marketing, my aim is to help guide you in your writing journey.


1 hour author consultation $250

1 hour manuscript consultation $500

1 hour manuscript consultation with line edits $1000

EMAIL ME for more information