StarHeart Tuesday #6

June 8, 2021

StarHeart Tuesday!!

The picture above is from Lisa at L.C.'s Bookshelf. Like I've said before, you all just blow me away with your staging. So much thought put into these. I'm humbled.

Danke, Lisa!

This next one is from Chloe Allouche, holding a UK edition of What She Found in the Woods.  

Chloe Allouche.jpeg

Such a pretty dress! I mentioned to Chloe that I have that same kind of orchid on my kitchen window sill. I believe they're called Imperial orchids. I've had mine for 5 years!

Thanks, Chloe!

The next image is from Hannah Selter, holding a dedicated copy of Göttlich verdammt.


Please enjoy the book? Seriously, I need an editor for my dedications. I try, I swear!

Anyway, the picture I'm referring to in the dedication is this one.


Thank you for your love and support, Hannah. It's readers like you and Chloe and the rest of you that make what I do so incredibly rewarding. 

Big virtual hug!

Danke für deine Liebe und Unterstützung, Hannah. Es sind Leser wie Sie und Chloe und der Rest von Ihnen, die das, was ich tue, so unglaublich lohnend machen.

Große virtuelle Umarmung!

This last one is my all-time favorite. I was signing some books when my daughter came into the room and asked what I was doing. I explained to her that I was signing books for fans of my books, and she quickly added; "I think they would also like my signature, mommy." 

What can I say? I had to let her add her signature to one of the books, hoping it would be okay. Thankfully, the person I sent the book to was thrilled that Pia added her own personal touch.

Thanks Merielle! <3

Merielle Seepersad (Pia).jpeg

And that's all for today. Thank you all for sharing these with me!!



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