StarHeart Tuesday #5

June 1, 2021


Back again to showcase more pics from my favorite people!

The one above was sent in by Alo Mendoza. Man, I just love it when you ladies take the time to stage. 

Thank you, Alo!

The next image is from Shelly Argeneau, holding a copy of the German edition of Goddess, Göttlich verliebt, which translates to Divinely in Love. 

Shelly Argeneau.jpg

Danke Shelly!

The next one is from Madison Farrell, whose email I almost missed because it went into my spam box, holding a dedicated copy of Goddess

Madison Farrell.jpg

And don't worry, I am now checking my spam box religiously.

On that note, please check your spam boxes because I've sent some emails out that have not been returned. 

Anyway, thanks Madison!

The next one is from Bonnie, from Pages of Bonnie, doing the face match with a UK edition of Trial by Fire. 

Bonnie from Pages of Bonnie 1.JPG

Isn't that the coolest? I want more of these to make a collage!!

Thanks Bonnie!

And lastly, here's a pic sent to me my Debra Antifora, who got a tattoo inspired by the Worldwalker series. I know I already posted this one on Instagram recently but I want it immortalized on my blog.

Debora Antifora.jpeg

I am just so deeply moved by the thought that she would find my story worthy enough to occupy a permanent space on her body.  

Thanks Debra!

And that's all for this week. 

I know I owe you a post about the Starcrossed (Göttlich) series. I'll put it up on Thursday. Just finalizing some details. ;)

Until then, I bid you adieu!



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