StarHeart Tuesday #3

May 18, 2021

Another Tuesday, and another batch of pictures to share!

The one up above is from Kristina Ebert, who's been a fan since day one. She even had her hubby wear a toga for a giveaway I did for the release of Starcrossed. This photo is part of a set I posted on my Facebook page last week, but I think this one in particular deserves another mention.

Thanks Kristina!

The next one is from Louisa Kleinmann, holding her dedicated copy of G√∂ttlich verdammt, the German edition of Starcrossed.  

Danke Louissa, dass du ein treuer Fan bist. <3

Louisa Kleinmann.jpeg

This one is from Mina Divinagracia, whom I met at a book signing at the Once Upon a Time bookstore in Montrose California, pre-pandemic of course. 

Thank you, Mina!

Mina Divinagracia.jpeg

This next one is from MariBoo, from le creazioni di Mari, all the way in Italy, who made these exquisite key chains out of my books. So gorgeous. 

Grazie Mari!

MariBoo le creazioni di Mari.jpeg

And this is me goofing off with Debra Driza at a book signing in Mission Viejo. A skill honed in during my bartending days.

Thanks Debra!

Debra Brandewie Driza.jpeg

And that's all for today. I will post more goodies next week.  :)

Thank you all!



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