What is Radish?

November 25, 2018

Radish is a platform for serialized storytelling right on your smartphone.  It uses the term episode for chapter (like they do on television), and each episode/chapter tends to run anywhere between 1000-2000 words.  

Radish offers both free and premium content.  Lucitopia lands somewhere in between.  All episodes are FREE, but you read along with everyone else, and wait for each episode to post each week, just like you would do with your favorite TV show.  

BUT, if you just can’t live without knowing what happens next, you can purchase episodes in advance, and even read the whole story in one shot if you'd like.

As with some other apps, Radish transactions are made using coins, and they have a ton of ways for you to win and earn coins through regularly scheduled promotions.

Radish also has chats (Radish Live) with the release of every episode, where you can discuss the episode with me and other readers, and make it a more interactive experience.

The first 7 episodes will go up on Thursday.  After that, one episode will be released every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

To get Radish, just go to your app store.  The app is free. 

The episodes are released at different times, depending on where you live.  Just subscribe to Lucitopia, and you’ll receive a notice when each episode is published, or anytime I log on to Radish Live.  

Leave me a comment with any more questions and I’ll get them answered before Thursday.

So excited!

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