Lucitopia Q&A

November 23, 2018

Okay, so I came up with a little Q&A session based on some of your questions.

Q) What is Lucitopia?

A) Lucitopia is a world I’ve created which takes place inside a fairytale book. The story unfolds in the same way a storyline for a TV show does, where each season (book) has a story arc which is resolved at the end of it, but there is a broader storyline that is being told over the length of the series. And yes, it is a love story.

Q) Will Lucitopia be published on hardcover, paperback or e-reader?

A) Lucitopia was written specifically for Radish. After one year though, I can do with it as I please, which means that if there’s a demand for it, I will publish it in both print and e-reader.

Q) How many books are in this series?

A) I have outlined seven seasons (books). Each one features different protagonists, but there is a larger story arc that spans all seven seasons (books).

Q) How many words is Lucitopia?

A) Around fifty thousand words, which makes it a thick novella, or a thin novel. It’s the perfect size for binging. It’s meant to be read in bite-sized chunks of 1 to 2 thousand word episodes (chapters), with every one of them culminating in a juicy cliffhanger.

Q) Why publish on Radish?

A) As much as I LOVE books, I recognize that times are changing. Books will never be replaced, but more people than ever rely on their phones for everything, and reading stories on my phone is something that I have gotten to enjoy more and more as my time gets more limited. Radish is perfect in that way. It’s a platform aimed at like-minded people who enjoy reading, and who like to have something to read with them at any time, any place.

Q) Why not a Starcrossed story?

A) There is a prequel about Daphne and Ajax, which is almost done, and a Helen and Lucas sequel that I’ve started outlining. Honestly, I just got sidetracked, I’m sorry. But Starcrossed is a world that I love to revisit, and will have something for you to read real soon.

Feel free to comment with any other questions you might have and I will answer them in the next post, probably on Monday.

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