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November 20, 2018

Yes, you read that right.  As most of you all know I have another book coming out next summer.  It’s called WHAT SHE FOUND IN THE WOODS.  It’s a thriller in the same vein as WE WERE LIARS.  

I know the majority of you were hoping for another STARCROSSED book, and that is happening, I promise!

See, my problem is that I have a serious case of ADD, and I go where the inspiration takes me, which is why the last book I wrote was a semi-autobiographical novel, and WHAT SHE FOUND IN THE WOODS is a thriller.  When I fall in love with an idea sometimes I can’t stop thinking about it until I get it down on paper.  For me, writing is how I either spend time with imaginary friends I really like, or how I get the terrifying ones to go away.

Which brings me to LUCITOPIA.  I'm huge fan of Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, and of William Goldman, who wrote THE PRINCESS BRIDE.  I have always wanted to write something fun like that.  While I can’t promise the brilliance of DISK WORLD or the hilarity of THE PRINCESS BRIDE., I did write something that made me smile.  A lot.  Which is exactly what I needed after finishing WHAT SHE FOUND IN THE WOODS which is dark and suspenseful, and has one of those evil characters that I wanted to scoop out of my head, and then sanitize my brain after said character was gone.  

LUCITOPIA is about a call-it-like-she-sees-it girl, who finds herself trapped in a book with 15 days to live, unless she can find a real boy to fall in love with her, and kiss her.  While trying not to die, she meets a knight in shining armor.  It’s basically just an excuse for me to think about a hot guy in armor and then sit on the edge of my seat during a fun action sequence.

I specifically wrote it for an app called Radish, which you can download for free on ios or android.  If you haven’t heard of Radish, you should definitely check it out.  Radish provides serialized fiction in chapters, or episodes, as they like to call them, sort of like television.  It’s content you can read on your smartphone or e-tablet.  I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve been reading mostly on my phone.  It’s the one thing I never leave home without.  

I will be releasing the first seven chapters on Thursday, November 29th, and then subsequent chapters every Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’ll do another in-depth post about how it all works later.

I plan on LUCITOPIA being part of a seven book series.  I am super excited about it, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

P.S. Feel free to leave me a comment with any questions you might have and I will try and address them on another post.

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