Final GODDESS ARC Giveaway!!

April 19, 2013


Can ONE woman give away NINE advanced reader's copies in THREE weeks?

Heck yeah.

What we have here is a regular bonanza. And I need a bonanza because I got really sad this week.

Boston hasn't been my home in many years, but my family is still there, and the Boston Marathon has always been a big event for us. It goes right through the center of my hometown--Ashland--and my clan and I are accustomed to hanging out in a relative's front yard, shaking our heads at the lunatics jogging by who still have about 22 miles to go before they hit Heartbreak Hill.

This year, heartbreak happened after the hill.

I have a lot to be grateful for. My eldest sister Margaret was at the finish line to cheer in a friend who had run the marathon. Luckily, her friend ran the marathon in three hours and six minutes, so Mags was long gone before the bombing--but to tell you all the truth, I'm still a little shaky over that one.

I think we're all a little shaky over this one, even people who have never been to Boston, so I want to give something a try. When I was in high school, I started this circling note called "The Things To be Happy About List". I would list things that made me happy, like: That street lights know exactly when to turn on at night. Or: The way laughter and yawns are both contagious, but neither of them kill you. I then passed the note around encouraging other people to add things they were happy about to the list, and on and on it went.

In light of the tragedy in Boston, I think we all need to remind ourselves of what's really important. I know I do.

As always, I want all of you to chime in. To lift my spirits--and maybe to lift yours--I want everyone to leave a comment telling me one thing you are grateful for today, and we can start a new list.

A Gratitude List.

Me? I'm grateful my sister's friend is a really fast runner.

Your turn.

The giveaway ends Friday, May 10th, and as always, it is international.

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