DREAMLESS ARC Giveaway! Funny vs Sexy

March 6, 2012

You all know that I'm working on a new series.  It's part of the reason I've promised you blog entires, but can't seem to get it together long enough to riff on a topic for 500 words.  Lame, I know, but right now what I really, really need (apart from your undying patience) is your feedback.

I'm outlining some new characters and, for any of you that are familiar with my process, outlining characters means that I write these ginormous character bios that start from before birth, and include everything from first day of school in fifth grade, to what he/she wore to homecoming.

I'm bananas like that.  And the penalty for spending so much time with your characters is that you fall in love with all of them.

This is where you come in.  I've got two guys.  And I sort of love them both. I had to boil it down to the essentials and I decided that my indecision was based on a pretty fundamental question.  Do I prefer a serious, smoldering kind of guy, or do I prefer a funny man?

So, here's my question!  Would you pick funny over sexy?  What's more important in a guy in the long run-- the ability to make you laugh, or the ability to make the little hairs on your arm sit up like an adoring puppy dog?


But it's not like I'm asking you to work for free.  Leave me your honest opinion and you might just win an ARC!  ;)

The 1st place winner will receive a signed ARC of DREAMLESS...

... along with a signed DREAMLESS bookplate!

2nd and 3rd place winners will receive signed STARCROSSED Swag!

In order to enter simply do the following:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The deadline to enter is Thursday, March 15th. The winners will be announced on Friday, March 16th.

Thank you and good luck to all!! :)


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