And the winner of the 5th DREAMLESS ARC is...

February 25, 2012

Amy Medeiros

Congratulations, Amy!!!!

And... the winners of the Dreamless Bookplates are:

Christine Howard

Marina Moura

Email me your address and I will get your prizes out to you asap.

Thank you all so much for participating.  As always, don't stray too far as I will be giving away my last Dreamless ARC sometime soon!

The majority of you answered that you'd prefer to date a rock star, btw.  Gun to my head?  I'd probably go with a rock star, too.  If only because I just don't think I'd be okay with watching my man getting all romantic on another girl for a movie.  Especially if his character was constantly declaring his undying love for some little starlet in the biggest tear jerker of the season.  EW.

I wasn't kidding about this being part of my research.  I was considering making one of my upcoming characters famous, but after reading all your posts I'm leaning away from that.  There are just so many problems with fame--as you all pointed out!

But, I honestly want to know what appeals to you, and as the months progress I will be asking you all kinds of seemingly random questions, some of them pertaining to what you prefer in a man.  I know I can count on your help. ;)

Thanks a bundle, and congrats again to Amy!



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