A Gift From Italy

October 1, 2011

I just received this gift box from Rosa Caruso, aka Chocolate Rose, one of our Italian StarHearts.

It's a Starcrossed necklace and ring!

Aren't they just gorgeous!?

I shall wear them forever...

I know you can't see this in the picture, but on the ring and necklace, you can take that little silver clip off and the pages OPEN UP!  And there's, like, writing on the pages.  It's super tiny but I think the text is from my book.  I'm going to have to get a magnifying glass to find out.  I'll let you know if I can read it.  :)

Thank you, Rosa!!! <3 <3



PS, I'm thinking of becoming a hand model if this writing thing doesn't pan out.  Check me out on QVC!!  LOL!!

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