Mea Culpa Giveaway

September 9, 2011

Okay, so these are the names that I have so far.  Please look them over to make sure I didn't leave anyone out.  Again, these are people who either posted a creative entry on my FB page, or used their Toga Pics as entries.

  1. Christin Wolf
  2. Roberta Arteni
  3. Katherine Kainz
  4. Birgit Grandits
  5. Tamara Basic
  6. Alison Deere
  7. Marialys Scarano
  8. Maria Teresa
  9. Yosbe Cr
  10. Tisha Seals
  11. Helen Gilbert
  12. Shreya Gunna
  13. Angela Medendrop
  14. Kayleigh Sarah Moran
  15. Amie Salmon
  16. Kylee King
  17. Emily Stringer
  18. Emma Hunter
  19. Amanda Dalhgren
  20. Kathrin Schmidt
  21. Minhchieu Tran
  22. Grace Smith
  23. Enjoli Paige
  24. Mary Huff
  25. Jess Kemmish
  26. Jordyn Sullivan
  27. Sky Miller
  28. Damon Dixon
  29. Maria Hausberger
  30. Samantha Fox
  31. Sarah Donley
  32. Sara DeSoto
  33. Velvet Wehrman
  34. Kim Waters
  35. Hannah McCormick
  36. Agustina Isasmendi
  37. Sarah Lachnit
  38. Kristina Ebert
  39. Ariadna Santos
  40. Izzy
  41. Grace Clyde
  42. Rhiannon Teather

Because of all the confusion of people adding their names to the list without having actually participated, I will have to announce the winner on Monday, so as to give everyone a chance to look over this list.

Y'all are giving me eye strain.  :)

Thank you for your understanding.


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