Toga Party Reminder and Mea Culpa Giveaway

September 2, 2011

Yes, I got a little remiss about my blog posts. What can I say? I owe you guys. So I've been mulling over this itty bitty idea for a giveaway.

Lots of you have been doing some really creative stuff and posting it on my Facebook page. You've been writing poems, songs, making t-shirts, drawings, and even photo-shopping some darn good goddess background scenery for yourselves and sending me the shots.

For example:

Basically, you've all been blowing my mind. And even though you've been doing it just because you feel like it, I thought it was high time I sweetened the deal.

Here's what I'm thinking. Over the next week, Friday to Friday, I want anyone in an artistic frame of mind to post your Starcrossed-related creations on my Facebook page.

At the end of that Friday, September 9th, I will take all the submissions and randomly draw ONE WINNER!

And yes, this contest is open internationally.  :)

But here's the best part. 

All entries for this contest get a bag of Starcrossed swag!(one per person)

You can enter anything you like… (as long as it's rated PG, of course).

Here are some other samples:

So send me your drawings, pictures, paintings, macramé sculptures, poems, songs, you name it, and we'll let the Fates decide who wins!

Mostly, I just want to give all of you a venue for some of the incredible art work you've been sending me.

And yes, if you've already created something and want it entered into the contest, just let me know in the comments.

The winner gets a signed copy of ANY version of my book that I have on hand (UK, US, Spanish, German or Catalan. That's right. Catalan, baby.)

PLUS... you also get a freebie entry into The Toga Party!

Which as a reminder, ends September 24th!

(NOTE:  If your entry for this contest is a Toga Party picture you have previously sent in, and you happen to win, you get a second entry for the Toga Party.  Again, just let me know if you want to enter your Toga picture into this contest for those of you who have already sent me Toga pics.)

And you know what you get if you win the the Toga Party, right?



Yes, that is a real-live, 18k, Tiffany's, Elsa Peretti Open Heart necklace and pendant.

And... it could be all yours. ;)

Good luck!



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