The Limericks!

August 15, 2011

Okay, so here they are.  You are all so clever! :)

Please vote for your favorite one in the comments.  I will tally up the votes and the top three with the most votes will win the signed UK editions of Starcrossed.

Limerick 1

There once was a girl from Nantucket

Who owned a really nice locket

People thought she was a freak

But really she was unique

A Starcrossed lover so to speak.


Limerick 2

There once was a girl who was beautiful

She met a hot guy who was unsuitable

He made her so angry

She couldn’t think clearly

His abs were distracting

But the curse was counteracting.

She flew to escape

But couldn’t circumnavigate

He tried to stop her fall

Which was a curve ball

They soon discovered

That they were Starcrossed lovers.


Limerick 3

There once was a girl from Nantucket,

Who was filling up a bucket,

Thinking how different she was.

When a fright in the night,

Made her eyes create a sight,

Destiny started to dawn again.


Limerick 4

There once was a Demi-god from Spain,

who could fly without use of a plane,

the poor boy could not score,

lest he stared a great war,

so his heart it was filled with great pain.


Limerick 5

Helen a young girl hidden from her fate,

Destiny is too strong to keep at bay,

Bound together she fell into his life,

Discovery of her powers, her skin unpeirceable by a knife,

For every time her eyes close dreams are hovering,

The houses are against them, the Gods are watching,

Forbidden, forbidden, there love is wrong,

He is Lucas and they are the Starcrossed ones.


Limerick 6

There one was a young girl from Nantucket,

Who could never get hurt by a bullet.

She wore a heart shaped necklace,

From her mother who was reckless.

This special young girl from Nantucket.


Limerick 7

'There was once a girl from Nantucket,

As history repeats itself abidingly,

She falls for the one whom she should hate,

Nightmares that hold realistic horrors,

She can hardly control her fate.'


Limerick 8

Helen and Lucas; hatred at first sight

Broke out with an emotional fight

Destined to hate

Due to  a cursed fate

But their love shone out so bright.


Limerick 9

There once was a girl from Nantucket

Who hated a family she’d just met.

With this new family and her loving Dad

Discovered her strange past and talents she had.

There once was a girl from Nantucket

Who had been born into a godly debt.

With her new friends and loving family

Can she solve this new mystery?


There you have them!  Pretty awesome, aren't they?  I will post the winners on Wednesday.

Thank you all who entered!  <3



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