Starcrossed Kindle Skin and Swag Winners!

July 7, 2011

I cannot believe how many of you entered this contest. So many that I decided to pick four winners instead of three!

Remember, this is the 1st Starcrossed Skin and Swag Giveaway of 3 that I will be having over the course of the summer.

So if you didn't win, it might just mean that you haven't won yet! ;)

Without further ado, the first round of winners are:

First Place: Kate Treadway (Kindle Skin and Swag)

Second Place: Caroline ( (Swag)

Third Place: Minhchieu Tran (Swag)

Bonus Winner: Jennifer Shaw (Swag)


Email me your addresses and I will get your prizes out to you ASAP.

I will announce the next contest in the next few days, which in addition to the Starcrossed Skin and Swag, will also include bookmarks of the German edition of my book, Goettlich Verdammt, featuring The Demigoddess...

... who if you haven't heard, are not only smoking hot, but also perform the theme song for my book, Where Do I Belong?

Keep your eyes peeled, because the next time I give Skins and Swag away, we're going international! ;)



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