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March 18, 2011

My editor just sent me this. I thought I would share it with you all. (Hee-Hee!)


Issue: April 1, 2011


Advanced Review – Uncorrected Proof

Angelini, Josephine (Author) Jun 2011. 496 p. HarperTeen, hardcover, $17.99. (9780062011992).

The first time Helen sees Lucas Delos in her Nantucket high-school hallway, she wants to kill him—literally. The Three Furies that have haunted her dreams harass her until she attacks this gorgeous new guy on campus, an act that introduces her to the rest of the Delos family and gradually serves to unveil her multiple talents—superhuman strength, the ability to fly, and an electrical charge that packs a wallop—as well as an unknown enemy determined to kill her. In Angelini’s debut, based on the Greek myth of Helen of Troy, Helen’s true heritage and Lucas’ large, boisterous, and very dangerous extended family both come into play. Angelini weaves mythology and everyday high-school life into a tangled fantasy of star-crossed lovers. The riveting plot twists and turns as the myth’s destiny translates into present-day terrors, dreams, and hopelessness, and its execution is seamless. An intentionally less-than- satisfying ending will only prompt readers to hope for a sequel that reunites Helen, Lucas, and their bizarre yet fascinating families.

— Frances Bradburn

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